Where can I Get a CDPAP Application?

X-TREME HOME CARE can assist you with your CDPAP application. If you’re looking to hire a friend or a family member to spearhead your home care, we can help you enroll in the CDPAP program.

Generally, enrolling in the CDPAP program consists of three components. They include: selecting the caregiver or home health aide you desire, completely filling out the consumer forms, and receiving an assessment from a qualified nurse.

There’s no need for you to sit and attempt to figure out all of the details. X-TREME HOME CARE can work with you, ensuring that your CDPAP application is complete. You can connect with us, and one of our specialists will be happy to explain the entire application process to you and guide you through your CDPAP enrollment.

For any questions or assistance you need navigating through the CDPAP application process, your X-TREME HOME CARE is here to assist.

Connect with us for all of the information you need about CDPAP.