In-Home Care vs. Nursing Homes

Making a decision that will affect your life can be tough. However, the real challenge is to make a life-altering decision for someone else, especially if it’s your elderly parents.

Choosing between in-home care and a nursing home for your aged parents can be difficult. After all, all you want is for your parents to have a comfortable environment and space where they feel secure and content. Additionally, you want to ensure that they are in good hands.

As your parents have reached an age where they require assistance, you should look at different aspects of their life before finalizing a decision. Firstly, you should ask them what they want and what kind of living environment they find comfortable. Thereafter, you need to consider these nine factors to determine which one to choose between in-home care vs. nursing home: 


With old age, people start realizing the importance of aging at home. Many seniors fear that they may die alone in a place that is not their home. Hence, benefitting from home health care services can be a great option to address this fear.


Remember when you were a teen and all you could think of was to have some freedom? Your elderly parents are in a similar situation. Since the elderly are more susceptible to diseases, they may feel restricted in several ways. For example, many seniors can’t car or cook due to old age.

Therefore, if you decide to shift your parents to a nursing home, they may end up losing the last few shreds of freedom that they have held on to. A nursing home is a place where rules need to be followed, which is why your parents might feel restricted there.


We all enjoy family time, but the way our aging parents crave interaction is what we can only understand when we reach their age. One of the main drawbacks of putting your parents in a nursing home is limited visiting hours, which is something that many seniors fear.

In comparison to that, if you hire in-home help for your parents, you will have a nursing home without walls for them. This way, they can interact with their children and grandkids as much as possible. It will also give you a chance to bond with your aging parents and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Another significant aspect of hiring a HHA (Home Health Aide) is surely the undivided care your parents will receive. While the professionals at a nursing home are skilled in taking care of the elderly, the ratio between caregivers and seniors is not the same. Hence, your parents may not always get themselves heard immediately. It is significant to consider this aspect because, just like children, seniors also long for attention. As a result, a personal caregiver at home can cater to this need efficiently.


Another essential factor to evaluate is to see whether or not your parents require full-time assistance. The case will be different for every family, depending on the age and health of the senior. Hence, if you think that your parents’ condition is severe and full-time assistance is the only option, you may want to consider a nursing home for them. However, if you think your parents are in a condition where a caregiver will be suitable, a customized home plan could be the answer.


Even if it is called ‘home,’ a nursing home is an organization that needs to run in a specific manner. Hence, certain regulations are followed and specific services provided to clients in a nursing home. However, with a caregiver at home, the benefits could be altered based on the senior’s specific needs.

Along with non-medical homecare services, a caregiver can also take care of other chores that may include but are not limited to light housekeeping, cooking, laundry, bathing, and any other facility required by the elderly at their own time. 


For a minute, put yourself in your elderly parents’ place and think if you would want an added burden of adjusting to a new place with strangers at this age. Certainly not. While you only want the best for your elderly parents, it is not fair to make them go through this added burden if their mental and physical condition is extreme.

It will be harder than usual for them to adjust in an environment that they are not familiar with. Additionally, living a comfortable life at home will keep them happy. We all know that a happy life leads to a healthy life. Hence, if the situation allows, the only option that you should opt for is a home care plan that suits them.


As mentioned earlier, home healthcare is non-medical care. Hence, if your parents are experiencing severe health conditions where they need high-tech medical assistance regularly, a nursing home may be the right option for them. They have the right equipment and professionals who can take care of their medical needs. Whether you should opt for in-home care or nursing home depends on the health condition of your parents.


Last but not least, the cost difference between nursing homes and in-home care is huge. You might have to pay double the amount for placing your parents in a nursing home and go through all the difficulties. On the other hand, opting for a home healthcare agency will not only provide you with a cost-effective plan but also allow you to spend more time with your elderly parents.

We hope that this comparison has helped you to understand the needs of your parents better. If you have made your decision and want further assistance or information on home care services, feel free to give us a call at 718-461-9602(ext 302) or drop an email at [email protected] so that we can take the process forward.